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Update – Recovery Training & Bipolar Support group 2013-2014

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    Recovery In Sight … peer support and recovery training. What new events are planned that might interest you on Recovery In-Sight’s Bipolar Support Day on 2nd Saturdays in each month …?

    peer support by recoveryin-sight.comIn Hertfordshire, there is one Recovery In-Sight self-help group which meets in Watford.

    The group is run by people affected by bipolar disorder for people affected by bipolar disorder, whether they are service users or carers.

    Over 400 people have used this self-help group (or the group that was held in Stevenage from 2008 – 2012) or followed the recovery training at some time since the creation of the first group in Watford in January 2006.

    About a quarter of Recovery In-Sight members are carers of people affected by bipolar disorder.

    The group runs monthly and organizes a variety of events (see below).

    If you wish to receive advice on setting up a self-help group in your area, or suggestions on offering peer support to service users or carers, then please email Recovery In-Sight.

    Hertfordshire Recovery In-Sight Bipolar Self Help Group

    Meetings & Events for 2013 – 2014

    Recovery Training News: If you wish to enroll for a place on the next Recovery In-Sight course, contact Heather on 01923-239489. You must be a service user or carer wishing to improve your recovery or the recovery of your family member. A waiting list is being drawn up for the next course which is limited to 8 people. This will be facilitated by Dr Heather Straughan who has delivered over a dozen courses since she first wrote the training and facilitated the first course for her PhD in 2003. A payment is required to undertake this 48-hour University accredited course. Click on the Training pages to view the course contents and how people have benefitted in the short and longer term in their recovery and in their uptake of voluntary and paid work by following this course.

    It is advised that you look into acquiring a personal budget to cover the cost of you attending the recovery training or the bipolar support group.

    Watford Bipolar Support Group

    The monthly self-help group meetings and venue for the events is every SECOND Saturday of the month from 10.30am – 12.30pm at the Friends Meeting House (Quakers), 150 Church Road, Watford, WD17 4QB. The group welcomes people with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and their supportive carers and friends. Go to multimap.com for free directions/map.

    We alternate speakers and training with self-help group sessions and ideas for these come from group members. We ask for a donation at each meeting, to contribute towards the refreshments we provide at the start of each meeting and at the break. A library of useful literature is available to borrow, with a small donation.

    * 9th November – Dr Stephanie Sadler, consultant psychiatrist, is welcomed back due to popular request to speak about developments in bipolar disorder. Dr Sadler is a user-friendly psychiatrist and one who is knowledgeable about bipolar disorder. Dr Sadler has been presenting to group members every year for the past five years and this has proven to be the most popular and helpful meeting. Thank you Stephanie for agreeing to present again this year!

    * 14th December – self-help meeting followed by a Christmas lunch in a local pub.

    Self-help meetings in 2014:

    * 11th January -

    * 8th February -

    * 8th March -

    ** STOP PRESS **   From April 2014 the group is planning to continue to meet at Asda’s Community Centre, Dome Round-a-bout, St Albans Road, Watford. Those wishing to be involved in taking the group forwards are forming a committee and at each monthly self-help meeting, they will be discussing how they will be doing this. If you wish to get involved in taking the group forwards next year, get in touch with Heather (01923-239489) with your details.

    For further information on peer support or self-help, please contact: the Recovery In-Sight team

  1. #1 Janie Greville
    25 October 2011 &amam2013-09-05T10:00:21+00:0000000030UTC; 2:21 am

    I’d like to start coming to your peer support group in Watford. I come from Watford, my mother and other family are still there, but I live in the midlands.

    Would I still be allowed to attend?

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  2. #2 The team
    28 October 2011 &amam2013-09-05T10:00:21+00:0000000030UTC; 7:36 am

    You’d be welcome at any of the self-help groups as long as you and your family are affected by bipolar disorder. best wishes, Heather

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  3. #3 Kirsty
    21 October 2014 &amam2013-09-05T10:00:21+00:0000000030UTC; 9:27 pm

    I am a bipolar suffer and am interestes in your support groups. I come from luton i was wonsering whatbis your closest location for me to travel to. Kind regards kirsty

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  4. #4 Recoveryin-sight.com
    22 October 2014 &amam2013-09-05T10:00:21+00:0000000030UTC; 1:07 pm

    Dear Kirsty, THe best thing is to contact the MDF organisation in London for your local group (there should be one in Luton that is closest to you). Good luck!

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